Expectant Mothers and Their Families

Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being. Dr. Zimmerman has completed numerous post-graduate courses in chiropractic techniques applicable to both children and adults.

The Webster technique is a gentle hands on technique that helps to correct sacral misalignment, balance pelvic muscles and relax ligaments, which in turn, removes torsion to the woman's uterus. This results in less constraint to the baby, and allows the baby to turn and get into the best possible position for birth.
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The mother's spine and pelvis undergoes many changes and adaptations to compensate for the growing baby and the risk of interference to her nervous system is increased. Specific chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is drug-free option that works by enhancing nervous system function and providing greater health potential for both the mother and baby. See the Research!

Parents who understand the importance chiropractic care and its significance on overall health and well being insist on bringing in their whole family in for care.

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