Breathing Exercises for Improved Posture and Core Strength

Following proper breathing exercises can help improve and strengthen your posture, core, and pelvic floor movements. Deep breathing can also improve lung capacity and send more oxygen to your body.

If you slouch or have bad posture, you can use proper breathing exercises for better health. At Flintridge Family Chiropractic, we can help provide spinal alignments and adjustments, among other services for enhanced posture and core strength. You’ll notice sustained energy and improvements to core strength when you regularly practice deep breathing and see a chiropractor for alignment.

Practice Deep Breathing or ‘Belly Breathing’

Diaphragmatic breathing is a deep breathing technique using your diaphragm. It’s not the normal type of breathing we instinctively use. Instead, it’s a deeper breath that involves using the energy from your diaphragm to send oxygen through the lungs and other parts of your body. The deeper the breath, the better you’ll feel. Practicing diaphragmatic breathing every day helps improve posture and better core strength and mobility. Make sure you’re in a rested pose and flat on your back before starting the deep breathing process. Then, put your hand near your belly and breath deeply, through your nose. Be sure to inhale and exhale deeply.

The Benefits of Deep ‘Belly Breathing’ 

There are many benefits to diaphragmatic or belly breathing. According to Healthline, this breathing technique is usually used during meditation but can be used anytime during the day when you’re feeling tense. It can help reduce anxiety and depression and address irritable bowel syndrome or upset stomachs. Plus, if used correctly, this proper deep breathing technique can help with insomnia, release stress, blood pressure, and lower your heart rate for rest and relaxation. In addition to mental benefits, it also improves core and muscle strength.

Breathing for Enhanced Core Strength

It’s important to maintain good core strength because it keeps your body balanced. Some health and wellness experts encourage diaphragmatic breathing for enhanced core strength. This breathing involves deep breathing so that you can feel your torso and ribcage expand and lengthen when you take deep breaths, according to this article by Well and Good. By taking longer, deeper breaths using your diaphragm, you’re also strengthening your core muscles, obliques, and other abdominal core muscles.

Breathing for Strengthened Pelvic Floor

Not following a proper breathing technique can put a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor and abdomen. Always make sure you’re using good form and posture when doing deep diaphragm breathing exercises. If you’re not sure, consult with a chiropractor that can best advise you on proper breathing techniques and other issues that need to be corrected.

When done correctly, deep diaphragmatic breathing relaxes your pelvic muscles and helps with bladder control. If you suffer from frequent urination, practice deep breathing exercises to control your bladder and strengthen your core.

If you need alignment or assistance with deep breathing and other exercises, come in for a consultation at Flintridge Family Chiropractic.