How to Manage your Toxic Load

American Heart Month reminds us to keep our internal bodies clean and identify external toxic loads that may affect internal health.

Your environment can directly impact and affect the amount of toxic load in your body. External factors could cause elevated hypertension, stress, high blood pressure, or other internal and heart health problems.

For instance, you may want to take a closer look at household items and food labels. They might be laced with toxic chemicals harmful to your health.

Fortunately, we can learn how to keep our bodies internally clean and develop better habits to manage our toxic load.

We’ve compiled helpful tips to address these environmental factors so you can live a more balanced, detoxed, and healthy life.

Toxic Load and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals to Avoid 

Toxic load refers to various toxins and chemicals that accumulate inside your body. It refers to common household and personal care products, electronics, fabric softeners, clothing, furniture, environmental pollutants, and even the water you drink.

According to the EWG, many of the common household items you use on a daily basis could be endocrine disruptors.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid endocrine-disruptors and chemicals such as BPA in canned food, and phthalates commonly found in kid’s toys. These toxins cause a negative effect on the body and can lead to fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive or gastrointestinal problems; low libido, food cravings, and weight gain.

If you want to eliminate the toxic load, declutter your house and replace products that don’t serve your body well. For example, consider a house detox and throw out any beauty products that may contain additional endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These may include parabens, benzophenones, bisphenols, and phthalates, which may increase the risk of endometriosis and other health complications.

When shopping for products, choose greener cleaning products and avoid chemicals that may cause health and or reproductive harm.

‘Clean’ Cleaning for a Healthy Internal State of Mind 

It’s easy to grab common household items from the grocery store without thinking twice about the harm it can do.

For instance, if you’ve used Comet to scrub your sink, you might be surprised to find that it contains 146 different chemicals. Many of these chemicals reportedly cause cancer, asthma, and reproductive disorders according to the EWG.

So, it’s important to research and read all of the ingredients before adding these items to your grocery cart.

When visiting the grocery store, you’ll often come across a handful of misleading products advertised or labeled as “non-toxic” or “non-biodegradable.” Look out for red-flag ingredients like 2-butoxyethanol, which can absorb through the skin, damage red blood cells, and irritate the eyes.

Misleading Labeling on Common Household Products

In addition to keeping toxic cleaners away from the hands of children, it is equally important to find other natural alternatives to protect the overall internal health of your family.

Many of the common household products you find at the grocery store are not always transparent about their authentic ingredients. If they’re labeled as “non-toxic,” check to see if there are other hidden toxic ingredients listed.

And, instead of opting for common household products that might be harmful to your health, choose a more natural cleaning route.

Alternative, Non-Toxic, and Eco-Friendly Household Products 

For example, you can shop for inexpensive bathroom cleaning product alternatives such as Heinz Vinegar, or the Green Shield Organic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

If you’re doing laundry, skip the overly scented fabric softener and detergents filled with toxic chemicals. You can try Seventh Generation Natural Powder Laundry Detergent instead. For all-purpose cleaners, you can opt for simple solutions like baking soda and vinegar or Bon Ami Cleanser.

Looking for greener cleaners and non-toxic cleaners? EWG compiled a list of products that meet certain criteria to help you eliminate toxic loads and keep you safe and healthy.

What changes have you made to your lifestyle to remove both internal and external toxins?

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