Salutogenesis: How to Create Health

Salutogenesis: How to Create Health

We all want to be healthy and health is on our minds now more than ever. How do we achieve that?

Our traditional health system focuses on a pathogenic approach: How to prevent or treat disease or illness.

But the opposite, more ideal approach is salutogenesis.

Salutogenesis versus Pathogenesis

Salutogenesis literally means: “that which gives birth to health.”

This approach considers how health is created and maintained.

Pathos means suffering, so pathogenesis is the birth of suffering. Many health professions have this term incorporated into their name. For example, conventional medicine is allopathy. Even alternative medicines like homeopathy have pathos in their names.

How do these two approaches affect us?

Salutogenesisstems from the belief in a friendly universe, one that is positive and works and provides for the greater good. This gives a sense of coherence–“confidence that one’s environment is predictable and that things will work out as well as can reasonably be expected.”

Pathogenesisstems from a belief in a hostile universe, where we assume the worst of people and circumstances. This promotes an inherent feeling of fear and a sense of chaos, that everything is random.

What we think and feel can have a positive or negative effect on our body and health. In traditionally stressful, irregular times, a salutogenetic outlook can be particularly helpful.

Salutogenesis and Healthcare

These outlooks influence how we provide healthcare. In salutogenesis, instead of focusing on fighting the bad (disease), we focus on creating good (health).

How Chiropractic Helps

Regular chiropractic adjustments work with your body to help signals flow between your brain, muscles and organs. Since everything is connected, this helps you function mentally and physically and maintain optimum health.

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