Chiropractor in Burbank

Flintridge Family Chiropractic: Serving Burbank, California

For almost a decade our exceptional chiropractors have been helping Burbank residents succeed in combating pain and range of motion issues that are interfere with daily activities. Getting to the cause of these problems is the goal of our programs. Whether the cause is accident, injury or the result of many years of accumulated stress, if you’re looking for a top chiropractor, look no further than Flintridge Family Chiropractic.

As we are a family practice, we treating everyone from infants to the elderly. Our clinic is designed to put children, parents and grandparents at ease and to encourage relaxation while receiving treatment.

Sports Injuries & Conditioning

Athletes looking for a sports chiropractor to either help them heal or help with conditioning can be confident that treatment with Flintridge Family Chiropractic will get them back to the sport they love. Our athletic conditioning programs are tailor made to keep patients as injury proof as possible and moving freely. This performance enhancing method has long-term benefits including being drug-free.

One-Stop-Shop for Burbank Chiropractic

Patients can expect to receive comprehensive care from some of the best chiropractors in Burbank. Whether they are coming for our signature Complete Adjustment or to be treated for a specific injury, all aspects of care are handled at our facility, including X-rays.

We offer treatment for chronic conditions such as back pain, TMJD, sciatica and headache. We also offer special programs for expectant moms, their newborn babies, conditions in the elderly that hinder range of motion, balance conditioning and repetitive motion conditions.

As a leading Burbank chiropractic clinic, we pride ourselves on a holistic treatment approach that is gentle & effective. Additionally, we treat conditions created by long term stress such as:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • Knee joint problems
  • Shoulder problems
  • Whiplash

Car & Motorcycle Accident Treatment

Vehicle accidents, particularly motorcycle and bicycle accidents can have long range consequences if not properly treated by an experienced chiropractor. When injuries are sustained from a motorcycle or bicycle accident, finding and treating all related injuries, even those that do not show up for weeks or months are imperative. Often accident victims are not aware of their more subtle injuries until they have developed into something more serious. We make sure that all injuries are diagnosed early and treated effectively.

Serving The Greater Community

Flintridge Family Chiropractic is dedicated to bring top-tier treatment to the Burbank, Glendale and the Foothill Communities. We are a destination for those seeking outstanding care that is close to home; just off the Glendale freeway nestled in a quaint area near Sports Chalet, Sprouts Farmers Market, Descanso Gardens and many restaurants. We look forward to helping you achieve better health and wellbeing through some of the best chiropractic care around.