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Great chiropractors! Would recommend to anyone. I came with neck pain, and now I am free of that pain.Thomas C.
I am pain free after months of acute lower back pain, and my daughter's knees don't hurt anymore thanks to Flintridge Family Chiropractic. The office staff is incredibly kind and helpful and we are always seen on time. So glad we found them.Alex K. H.
I love Flintridge Family Chiropractic! The administrative staff I see each morning are friendly, kind, & professional. They are a great part of the team here. :) Admin staff can sometimes make or break an experience at a clinic, and these ladies are a joy to see each week! I see Dr. Rion, who was recommended to me by friends of mine. My friends kept saying how much they liked the work Dr. Rion does, and they drive all the way from Monterey Park to La Canada because it's "worth it!" Dr. Rion is kind, compassionate, & professional. He cares about his patients and is able to do adjustments with ease. The adjustments feel natural. I always feel comfortable here & confident in the work he is doing. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for quality care by genuine people.Lauren B.
I'll admit, I was a chiropractic skeptic at first but when I was faced with constant medication or occasional adjustments to deal with my chronic migraines, it was a no brainer. We actually became part of the FFC family when my son had problems with constipation and his pediatrician suggested chiropractic care. Dr. Rion Zimmerman is kind, never condescending, and doesn't give you a hard time if you go weeks (or months) between adjustments. His goal is for you to have a pain-free life and I can attest that my migraine frequency has decreased! (Now 1 every 6-9 months versus 2-4/month!) Dr. Z has never tried to sell me on supplements or any other products and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor!Karianna F.
When my last chiro retired I was anxious to find a new one. Someone had mentioned Flintridge Family to me so I went in for a consultation. They took X-rays and diagnosed my back pain that had been bothering me for years. After just a few weeks of treatment my pain was cut in half and my migraines had completely disappeared. Dr. Zimmerman is attentive and patient and the front desk staff is so friendly and helpful. I can't recommend them enough!!Anna L.
I've been very happy with Flintridge Family Chiropractic. The staff is very friendly and professional and Dr. Rion has been great! After dealing with back pain for a number of years, he put together a treatment plan that helped alleviate pain very quickly. I can't recommend them enough!Audrey S.
Highly recommend this office for any chiropractic needs! After seeing Dr. Shahbazian, my back issues have gone away. He is the best!! The staff is also very kind and welcoming!Talin O.
Dr. Mike is Awesome! I came in soo much pain. Now i am back working out and feeling great. He knows about soo many things. Any ache i have i can talk to him about it and get a real opinion. Loves Organic and natural healing!Mary R.
Dr. Zimmerman is world class. He combines the best of modern Chiro thinking with the bedside manner of your best friend. I have been here 5 times and each time my back and strength and mood and SLEEP get better and better. I have already told several neighbors that this is the place to go with any back issues.Scott M.
Yet another great Yelp find! Thanks to his great reviews and few friend referrals, I started seeing Dr. Michael Shahbazian a couple of months ago, and my body feels AWESOME. I have been to two other chiros in the past few years years, and I am getting the BEST results with him. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mike to anyone & everyone -- especially those (like me) who need to loosen up a bit. I always feel so much more relaxed and refreshed after he works his magic. Dr. Mike focuses on more than just adjusting, he focuses on wellness and whole body care! I don't know what I would do without him. Also, Dr. Mike has helped me get over some chronic aches & pains that I had been suffering from for years. Overall, very knowledgeable, intuitive, and passionate about his work. Staff are friendly and the office set-up is great AND the cost is reasonable too. WELL WORTH IT! So if you are reading this because you are scouting a new chiropractor or any of the other services they offer, I sincerely believe you will be happy and impressed if you check this office out. Dr. Mike Shahbazian is the BEST! So grateful and can't recommend him enough.Emin H.
My husband has been coming to see Dr. Mike for quite a while and has been trying to get me to come in to get adjusted. I've been pretty resistant, since I hate adjustments. The idea of someone snapping my neck reminds me of kung-fu movies and freaks me out. However, Dr. Mike is very gentle and walks you through each adjustment. I really appreciate the fact that he explains the reasoning why he is doing what he is doing and has follow-up care instructions that help you strengthen and fix the root causes of your ailments. The staff here is great, they are super efficient and friendly. Parking is available in the back, but there is also a good amount of street parking.Margaret L.
Dr. Michael Shahbazian is a lifesaver! I'd tried chiropractic a couple of times a few years ago but was unimpressed. A friend referred me to Dr. Mike after I'd tweaked my lower back so i decided to give it a whirl. What I'd never considered was the continuous pain I'd had in my feet due to plantar fascitis that had been a problem for a couple of years. I walked out of Flintridge Family Chiropractic that day pain free, both in my back AND feet, and I've never been Pain free for over a year! I go refularly for preventative maintenance and it is so worth it! Dr. Shahbazian is the man!!Serouj A.
Had some back discomfort and decided to see Dr. Mike @ Flintridge Family Chiropractic. Called on a Wednesday and was able to get an appointment the next day. I'm already feeling better after my first visit. He was very knowledgeable, patient and effective + the location is very centrally located to me and a beautiful office. I'd recommend anyone who needs a chiropractor to go see Dr. Mike S @ Flintridge Family Chiropractic!John C.
Are you skeptical of the chiropractor? Hate that feeling of cracking bones and everything Chiro related? Are you a newbie to the idea of a chiropractor. Well, 1 visit to Dr. Mike at Flintridge Family Chiro changed all of that. Why did I decide to finally visit the chiropractor? 2 reasons. As a dentist, I treat many patients with TMJ pain due to clenching and grinding due to the daily stresses of life. Dr. Mike decided to visit me one day to discuss joint treatment modalities for the TMJ and I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. However, I was still not sold on visiting the chiropractor myself. So this brings me to the second reason why I decided to go to visit. As a dentist, my back and neck go through a tremendous amount of strain and discomfort. So much so that I finally could not move and needed something to be done so I could get back to work. Finally, I gathered my huevos and my stiff neck and made my short drive to his office. As I walked into his office, I noticed how clean and organized he is (the new location is even more modern). The front office is very organized and the communication between them and the doctors are fantastic. Dr. Mike completed a comprehensive exam, took some xrays and I was on my way. On my second appointment, he sat down and discussed why the strain in my neck and back has affected me. He laid out his treatment plan to not only improve my ergonomics in the short term, but how I would increase my longevity as a dentist in the future. He then adjusted me and improved my mobility with his recommended treatment. Not only is Dr. Mike great they also have some great chamber mixers :). Cleanliness: A+ Organization: A+ Treatment: A+ Attitude: A+ Knowledge/Explanation: A+ -Dr. Foodie ;)Michael A.
I love Dr. Zim!!!! He and his staff are so friendly and helpful and I always notice so much improvement after every visit. He always answers all my questions and offers insight and encouragement as we address my health concerns. I have more energy and less pain, and feel hopeful even when I do get occasional spasms and pain issues. So glad to be part of this family. :)Amanda L.
As a dog groomer, I'm always lifting, bending, and moving with dogs. It's takes its toll on my back. I have had bad experiences at other chiro offices. I was referred to Dr. Zimmerman by a friend. His technique is very different than other chiropractors. He has helped me a great deal. I have to go at least once, sometimes twice a week to get back readjusted so I can get back to doing what I love. Thank you Dr. Zimmerman and staff.Dro B.
Dr. Mike has been seeing my daughter since she was 8 weeks old. He is an excellent practitioner with amazing bedside manner. He answers all our questions and is readily available for appointments as needed. Thank you Dr. Mike!Darlene F.
Dr. Mike and the staff were more than exceptional! Everyone is so kind and professional and they work so well with scheduling your appointments. I was referred here for my physical injury case and I can truly say it was an absolute pleasure being treated here! Keep up the great work guys and thank you!!!Joshua K.
Dr. Rion is an amazing doctor. He goes out of his way to take care of his clients. The ladies at the front desk are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Flintridge Family Chiropractic.Donny F.
I have had lower back issues since I was a kid. My lower back has always been a problem, and that pain intensified last year to the point where I couldn't even go for a run anymore. My partner and I found Flintridge Chiropractic online, and decided to check it out. We're SO glad we did! For a while we went 3 times a week for corrective care and eventually tapered off to once a week for maintenance. I have not had that intensified lower back pain since we started maintenance, and coming in for an occasional time up has virtually kept us pain free and limber, which has been essential for our jobs which keep us sedentary for hours a day. Would highly recommend Flintridge. Special shout out to Dr. Mike who has been out amazing miracle worker!Chris C.

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