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So, I've only been in for an evaluation exam, x-rays, and one adjustment with Dr. Zimmerman — so far. I can say, compared to the 4 other chiropractors I've been to in the past, Dr. Zimmerman has taken way more time to understand and evaluate what I need in order to GET BETTER, not just do the same old thing and hope to see me next week. My wife, however, has been seeing him for several months. She raves about how gentle and effective his treatment is.Christopher G.
Dr. Rion was recommended to me by my sister. I have had a really bad back even before I had my first child. I always thought I'd suffer from it all my life, until I started getting chiropractic treatments. I get back pains every now and then, from wrong posture, bad sleeping position, sitting at work all day, but nothing that a quick adjustment can't fix. Everyone is this office is friendly and knows what they are doing for their patients. I feel so much better now and I have Flintridge Family Chiropractic to thank for that. So, thank you and see you again next week! :)Maria L.
Easily one of the best patient to Dr. connections I have ever had. People had told me "chiropractors don't help" "Chiropractors are a waste of money and time" I am in the third week with Dr. Mike and already I can see improvements. Not only that, each visit has taken less than 10 minutes from the minute I step in to the minute I walk out of his office. With his automated sign-in feature, your visits are smooth. Mike will not only correct you but make sure you continue to live your daily life with the correct movements so you minimize your your injuries. He takes x-rays and goes over them with you. Besides the treatments with him, he sends weekly exercises to help the part of the body that needs attention. His office is clean and his staff is extremely nice, not to mention the positive environment. The approach Dr. Mike takes to make sure you get to where YOU want to be in order to enjoy daily activities is wonderful and I recommend him to anyone looking to get chiropractic care! Thanks Dr. Mike!Alex M.
I was a skeptic going into seeing a Chiropractor, but my doctor told me I needed an adjustment. I picked Dr. Zimmerman based on reviews alone... and man were the reviews right! Not only was he easy to talk to and knowledgeable of the spine and body, but he answered any question I threw at him. He helped me better understand the little day to day things I do that I needed to correct. Let me tell you, just in the 3 months I've been seeing him, my back and my body feel leaps and bounds better!Cay T.
Awesome chiropractor, professional staff, and excellent bedside manner. I can safely say this is a family oriented business. I have been coming here for over a year and a half, and I've got to say the professional standard is amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone, and I am sure I can speak for my parents regarding the benefits of chiropractic care; especially here in this excellent business. Dr. Rion Zimmerman is not only a chiropractor, but a great person and health role model to me. I definitely applaud this business' strive towards health and wholehearted journey toward a better life.Sense L.
After all the years we have been coming to Flintridge Family Chiropractic we continue to have a wonderful experience with all the staff. It feels like we are all family.Lu P.
Excellent...Dr. Rion has helped me so much - his staff is friendly and helpful - I highly recommend this office!Sue T.
Been seeing Dr. Mike for 3 years. He's the best, saved me from back surgery. I'm hooked.Yuet Y.
I definitely recommend this quality Chiropractic center. The ladies at the front desk are friendly & efficient. My medical appointments are timely which I appreciate so much as a working person with a busy schedule. They are also flexible with appointment times. Yay! My experience with my chiropractor has been positive as well. Dr. Shahbazian has provided a ton of relief from my chronic neck pain. The adjustments help me with mobility and flexibility. I also appreciate the custom exercise plan which I access online. It has helped me strengthen my weak areas and improve my healing time. This has been an all around positive experience peeps!Leah V.
My wife has been going to Dr. Zimmerman during her pregnancy. He is very friendly and honest. My wife is very picky when it comes to doctors, and she is very happy with him.Garrett S.
Dr. Rion has been wonderfully helpful, holistic, gentle, and friendly, as I navigate my last weeks of pregnancy. It's so nice knowing my body is aligned as I approach birth. He also addressed and treated an overuse injury I had with knowledge and care, and offering helpful solutions. Highly recommend this group!Hillary B.
I never thought I’d fully recover from my car accident – but I was wrong. Today, the pain and stiffness are completely gone, and I sleep better, walk better and feel better – all because of the incredible care I received at Flintridge Family Chiropractic.S.L.
The best chiropractor in the La Cañada Flintridge, Pasadena and Glendale area. He takes time with you to talk about any problems and then works them out - he never rushes. As a marathon runner I need a doctor that is interested in my health and performance and Dr. Rion is just that kind of doctor. All of my family members go to Dr. Rion Zimmerman.Rob S.
Just wanted to give an update. I had a bicycle accident that fractured 3 ribs, my clavicle in a few places, and my scapula. since i've had my bicycle accident, Dr. Zimmerman's been amazing. he's helped to manage and give feedback on the status of my healing process. he's kept my body aligned the best way possible which helped with my breathing, sleeping, and pain management. his patient handling skills gave me confidence in my safety. he's very gentle and patient-centered. if you're considering recruiting a chiropractor into your wellness care team, i highly recommend developing that relationship with Dr. Rion Zimmerman and his office.Joel K.
I work in an office, I'm an athlete and I also ride a motorcycle so as you can imagine I often end up with aches and injuries from the course of a regular day. I can honestly say that visiting Dr. Rion Zimmerman changes the whole outcome of my day. From the moment you walk through the door in the front office you are greeted with a friendly smile. The atmosphere is friendly and enveloping. Dr. Rion is a top quality doctor who will not only work on your spine and give you an amazing adjustment but will also help you with dietary recommendations and overall good health. I highly recommend this Dr. Its just a a great place all around.Berto C.
If I could give 10 stars I would! Dr Z helped me through my last trimester of being pregnant. My hips were out of line and my baby would not go into position. I was in so much pain and could barely walk. He helped get my hips aligned and get my baby head down. The staff is caring and the office is beautiful. I definitely recommend this place for the whole family.Tiana

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