Dr. Zimmerman Reviews and Testimonials

Great chiropractors! Would recommend to anyone. I came with neck pain, and now I am free of that pain.Thomas C.
I am pain free after months of acute lower back pain, and my daughter's knees don't hurt anymore thanks to Flintridge Family Chiropractic. The office staff is incredibly kind and helpful and we are always seen on time. So glad we found them.Alex K. H.
I love Flintridge Family Chiropractic! The administrative staff I see each morning are friendly, kind, & professional. They are a great part of the team here. :) Admin staff can sometimes make or break an experience at a clinic, and these ladies are a joy to see each week! I see Dr. Rion, who was recommended to me by friends of mine. My friends kept saying how much they liked the work Dr. Rion does, and they drive all the way from Monterey Park to La Canada because it's "worth it!" Dr. Rion is kind, compassionate, & professional. He cares about his patients and is able to do adjustments with ease. The adjustments feel natural. I always feel comfortable here & confident in the work he is doing. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for quality care by genuine people.Lauren B.
I'll admit, I was a chiropractic skeptic at first but when I was faced with constant medication or occasional adjustments to deal with my chronic migraines, it was a no brainer. We actually became part of the FFC family when my son had problems with constipation and his pediatrician suggested chiropractic care. Dr. Rion Zimmerman is kind, never condescending, and doesn't give you a hard time if you go weeks (or months) between adjustments. His goal is for you to have a pain-free life and I can attest that my migraine frequency has decreased! (Now 1 every 6-9 months versus 2-4/month!) Dr. Z has never tried to sell me on supplements or any other products and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor!Karianna F.
When my last chiro retired I was anxious to find a new one. Someone had mentioned Flintridge Family to me so I went in for a consultation. They took X-rays and diagnosed my back pain that had been bothering me for years. After just a few weeks of treatment my pain was cut in half and my migraines had completely disappeared. Dr. Zimmerman is attentive and patient and the front desk staff is so friendly and helpful. I can't recommend them enough!!Anna L.
I've been very happy with Flintridge Family Chiropractic. The staff is very friendly and professional and Dr. Rion has been great! After dealing with back pain for a number of years, he put together a treatment plan that helped alleviate pain very quickly. I can't recommend them enough!Audrey S.
Dr. Zimmerman is world class. He combines the best of modern Chiro thinking with the bedside manner of your best friend. I have been here 5 times and each time my back and strength and mood and SLEEP get better and better. I have already told several neighbors that this is the place to go with any back issues.Scott M.
I love Dr. Zim!!!! He and his staff are so friendly and helpful and I always notice so much improvement after every visit. He always answers all my questions and offers insight and encouragement as we address my health concerns. I have more energy and less pain, and feel hopeful even when I do get occasional spasms and pain issues. So glad to be part of this family. :)Amanda L.
As a dog groomer, I'm always lifting, bending, and moving with dogs. It's takes its toll on my back. I have had bad experiences at other chiro offices. I was referred to Dr. Zimmerman by a friend. His technique is very different than other chiropractors. He has helped me a great deal. I have to go at least once, sometimes twice a week to get back readjusted so I can get back to doing what I love. Thank you Dr. Zimmerman and staff.Dro B.
Dr. Rion is an amazing doctor. He goes out of his way to take care of his clients. The ladies at the front desk are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Flintridge Family Chiropractic.Donny F.
If you need a chiropractor, look no further! Dr. Mike & Dr. Rion are not only excellent practioners, they are both very personable and friendly, with great senses of humor. They have an X-ray machine and adjustment tools, as well as the hands on techniques. (And they do not do the Linda Blair "Does your head spin around" thing. Yay!). Plus, Charlotte and Gaby at the desk are delightful and equally efficient.Rod G.
Rion is an excellent assistant and making life's posture better for us all. He is very thorough and attentive. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else with my issues. He is the best chiropractor in town!Trisha G.
Love, love, love them. Dr. Rion Zimmerman is so caring and explains everything in an easy to understand way. He doesn't push your body into doing anything that it may be resisting but instead uses gentle manipulation to loosen things up. I am half way through my treatment and definitely am seeing results. The office staff is always courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend Flintridge Family Chiropractic. By far the best chiropractic care I have ever had.Cindy S.
I've been coming to Flintridge Family Chiropractic for more than 4 years, since they were recommended by a nearby boot camp I had joined. Not only have they gotten my spine back into shape, but Rion gives great advice and suggestions for exercises at home.Kathleen K.
Wonderful office. Always helpful. If it wasn't for Flintridge Family Chiropractic, I don't know what I would do. They have completely improved my quality of life.Tera R.
Dr Rion made me feel very comfortable when starting with my care plan. Chiropractors were not something I had intended to try but I got a great recommendation from someone I trusted and here I am. The office is nice and the staff has been very friendly and they are very flexible - accommodating my weird hours while on jury duty. I would recommend Dr Rion to anyone.Donna J.
Dr. Rion is awesome! He has been helping my family stay healthy for the past 5 years!! I love how family friendly his office is!Armando S.
When your spine is messed up, causing all sorts of pain in your head and neck...there's so far only been one solution: #FlintridgeFamilyChiropractic and Dr. Rion!! Relief and smart solutions!!Paolina M.
Awesome staff and great chiropractors, Dr Rion really understands an athlete's needs. Every time I leave after an adjustment I feel the difference.Eugene K.
I really can't think of a time that I'm not greeted with a genuine cheerful hello and smile from the staff at FFC. Their greeting is a welcomed sweetness that seems to minimize the salty dry days that everyone has at some point. I truly appreciate their genuine efforts to give their best. When it comes to the chiropractic care, Dr. Z, has a heart to see that I progress in better health beyond just receiving my adjustment. He's sincere in supplying me with information on resources that will aid me and is a pleasant cheerleader with the right amount of cheer! I'm most grateful for the provisions by which I can benefit from such wonderful chiropractic care!Jennifer V.
Love the New office at 845 Foothill Blvd in La Cañada. I'm more than grateful for the care and attention Dr Rion and Dr Michael give me. With hip and spine issues caused by a car accident when I was 21...finding Flintridge Family Chiropractic has been a Godsend! When I walked into Flintridge Family Chiropractic, it was like walking into Alice's Wonderland. Having been a long term patient with no less 4 other chiropractors over the previous 30 years, I thought I knew exactly what I needed when I walked through the door three years ago. But what I received was even BETTER. Long story short: I was in a "head on" auto accident in 1984, and I really messed up both my legs which causes me to walk a little different than most folks. Well, this causes my back to be pushed and pulled in directions and with forces that simply it was not designed to move. Dr. Rion completed a very thorough exam and set our course to pain freedom. I won’t lie and say I never hurt and that I am totally cured, but I MUST SAY this: I am living life with less pain and fewer pain meds than I have in 28 years because Dr. Rion cares enough to give HIS BEST. Everyone in the office from Stephanie and her front desk crew to the three amazing chiropractors make Flintridge Family Chiropractic the most Magical Place on Earth for me and my legs. I have recommended Flintridge Family Chiropractic to many friends. I EVEN SENT MY MOM IN. Now that’s saying something special.Dianalee B.
By the time I went to Dr. Rion I could no longer lift my 16 month-old granddaughter; I couldn't stand more than 15 minutes without severe pain in my right front leg. Icing helped but the pain would eventually return. A decade long lower back condition had deteriorated and I couldn't function. That was Nov 2014. Months later I had strength, mobility and best of all, could lift and hold my granddaughter. Dr. Rion's manipulations are gentle. I especially appreciate that while the target problem is L5S1, he works my entire spine including my neck. I've never experienced this level of care from prior chiropractors. I am so grateful for his skill and commitment to getting me well and moving again.Carol B.
I love these guys!! Everyone in the office is so knowledgeable and they really educate you on what's going on with your body. I've been getting migraine headaches for about 10 years and also dealing with my low back and hips always aching. After being adjusted at Flintridge Family Chiropractic, I can say that I've had no headaches, my lower back and hip pain has never returned. I've been pain free and migraine free for almost two years. Dr. Mike and Dr. Rion are miracle workers! The Staff are truly an amazing group of people. If you have been suffering with pain and headaches, stop by Flintridge Family Chiropractic and pay these docs a visit!John G.
My back loves Dr. Rion! For several years I had lower back pain that would come and go due to scoliosis of the spine. A couple of times I was doubled over in pain. For the past eight months I have been going to Dr. Rion, at first three times per week, now I see him once a week. My back pain has never come back like it was when I first saw him. His partner Mike has also seen me when Rion was out of town. He is equally competent. The staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend FFC!Mary H.
Lifetime experience for a new lifestyle of living! Dr's are awesome, great exercises with lots of results! I feel 16 again.Nowezzy Z.
So, I've only been in for an evaluation exam, x-rays, and one adjustment with Dr. Zimmerman — so far. I can say, compared to the 4 other chiropractors I've been to in the past, Dr. Zimmerman has taken way more time to understand and evaluate what I need in order to GET BETTER, not just do the same old thing and hope to see me next week. My wife, however, has been seeing him for several months. She raves about how gentle and effective his treatment is.Christopher G.
Dr. Rion was recommended to me by my sister. I have had a really bad back even before I had my first child. I always thought I'd suffer from it all my life, until I started getting chiropractic treatments. I get back pains every now and then, from wrong posture, bad sleeping position, sitting at work all day, but nothing that a quick adjustment can't fix. Everyone is this office is friendly and knows what they are doing for their patients. I feel so much better now and I have Flintridge Family Chiropractic to thank for that. So, thank you and see you again next week! :)Maria L.
I was a skeptic going into seeing a Chiropractor, but my doctor told me I needed an adjustment. I picked Dr. Zimmerman based on reviews alone... and man were the reviews right! Not only was he easy to talk to and knowledgeable of the spine and body, but he answered any question I threw at him. He helped me better understand the little day to day things I do that I needed to correct. Let me tell you, just in the 3 months I've been seeing him, my back and my body feel leaps and bounds better!Cay T.
Awesome chiropractor, professional staff, and excellent bedside manner. I can safely say this is a family oriented business. I have been coming here for over a year and a half, and I've got to say the professional standard is amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone, and I am sure I can speak for my parents regarding the benefits of chiropractic care; especially here in this excellent business. Dr. Rion Zimmerman is not only a chiropractor, but a great person and health role model to me. I definitely applaud this business' strive towards health and wholehearted journey toward a better life.Sense L.
After all the years we have been coming to Flintridge Family Chiropractic we continue to have a wonderful experience with all the staff. It feels like we are all family.Lu P.
Excellent...Dr. Rion has helped me so much - his staff is friendly and helpful - I highly recommend this office!Sue T.
My wife has been going to Dr. Zimmerman during her pregnancy. He is very friendly and honest. My wife is very picky when it comes to doctors, and she is very happy with him.Garrett S.
Dr. Rion has been wonderfully helpful, holistic, gentle, and friendly, as I navigate my last weeks of pregnancy. It's so nice knowing my body is aligned as I approach birth. He also addressed and treated an overuse injury I had with knowledge and care, and offering helpful solutions. Highly recommend this group!Hillary B.
The best chiropractor in the La Cañada Flintridge, Pasadena and Glendale area. He takes time with you to talk about any problems and then works them out - he never rushes. As a marathon runner I need a doctor that is interested in my health and performance and Dr. Rion is just that kind of doctor. All of my family members go to Dr. Rion Zimmerman.Rob S.
Just wanted to give an update. I had a bicycle accident that fractured 3 ribs, my clavicle in a few places, and my scapula. since i've had my bicycle accident, Dr. Zimmerman's been amazing. he's helped to manage and give feedback on the status of my healing process. he's kept my body aligned the best way possible which helped with my breathing, sleeping, and pain management. his patient handling skills gave me confidence in my safety. he's very gentle and patient-centered. if you're considering recruiting a chiropractor into your wellness care team, i highly recommend developing that relationship with Dr. Rion Zimmerman and his office.Joel K.
I work in an office, I'm an athlete and I also ride a motorcycle so as you can imagine I often end up with aches and injuries from the course of a regular day. I can honestly say that visiting Dr. Rion Zimmerman changes the whole outcome of my day. From the moment you walk through the door in the front office you are greeted with a friendly smile. The atmosphere is friendly and enveloping. Dr. Rion is a top quality doctor who will not only work on your spine and give you an amazing adjustment but will also help you with dietary recommendations and overall good health. I highly recommend this Dr. Its just a a great place all around.Berto C.
If I could give 10 stars I would! Dr Z helped me through my last trimester of being pregnant. My hips were out of line and my baby would not go into position. I was in so much pain and could barely walk. He helped get my hips aligned and get my baby head down. The staff is caring and the office is beautiful. I definitely recommend this place for the whole family.Tiana
I started going to Dr. Rion two years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I had seen a different chiropractor when I was pregnant with my first, but the long drive to the other office was no longer feasible. My Bradley birthing instructor recommended Dr. Rion, and I'm thrilled to be a patient of his. The office is clean and comfortable, and there is a play area for children in the waiting room. The whole staff is incredibly nice and professional, and I've never had a problem getting an appointment that is convenient to my schedule. Dr. Rion is especially knowledgeable about issues related to healthy living, and he is always happy to answer questions and provide information to those seeking it. I'm a firm believer in the benefits of chiropractic care, and I'm certain that my regular visits during my pregnancies helped facilitate the very smooth labor and delivery I had with both babies. Now, my whole family receives regular adjustments - including my 3-year-old and 17-month-old - and I feel like it really makes a difference in our overall health. The care that my family and I receive at FFC is exceptional, and we really couldn't be happier with our experience.Melissa K.
I have lower back issues along with sciatica due to tight hip flexors, running without stretching enough and living an active life. Dr Rion was referred to me by a personal trainer who visits him on and off for the past 3 years. I am not a huge fan of getting cracked but Dr Rion's approach is much more whole body, eastern meets western philosophy and I am a fan of his practice. He's great at treating the whole family with a focus on babies. He's office is conveniently located right off of the Fwy and there's parking right out front. His staff is friendly and professional. I am now a fan of tune ups and have had great results with pain management. I've also learned some great stretches for my hip flexors (: and i am proactive of visiting him anytime I switch up my workout routines or under more stress since I carry it in my upper back. I always feel great when I leave his office and now look forward to my adjustments. Good luck! You're reading this because you're in pain and just remember it didn't happen overnight even if it was that 1 box you lifted or golf swing on your 9th hole. It really is all about the core and strengthening your lower back. There isn't 1 magic cure and all the treatments I've tried took time for me to feel relief.Claudia G.