The Importance of Social Connectedness

As we celebrate the end of another year, it’s important to reflect on the power of social connection and community. The nearly two years since the pandemic have no doubt […]

Digestive Disorders and Chiropractic Care

Do you suffer from digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gas, or frequent fatigue, and bloating? You might have even tried over-the-counter medicine with no luck. Many people […]

Meditation Can Calm the Nerves and Reduce Stress 

Meditation is a great way to calm the nervous system and restore peace. Many of us could use some time away from our smartphones and the stresses of everyday life. […]

Concussions and Chiropractic Treatment 

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury that are a cause of both the head and brain moving in rapid motion, according to the CDC. Caused by a blow […]

Sciatica Pain: 5 Easy Stretches

Sciatica is defined as nerve pain that glides through the sciatic nerve, which starts from your lower back and through the hips and buttocks, and all the way down the […]

How to Follow an Anti-inflammatory Diet 

It’s okay to reach out for the occasional bag of cookies and processed chips from time to time. However, if it becomes a habit, it can really put a damper […]

Practice Proper Posture and Avoid These Common Mistakes

During your daily routine it should be important to practice proper posture. Many of us have stressful 9-5 jobs where we’re not aware that everyday tasks such as typing, lifting heavy […]

Atlas and Axis Anatomy Lesson

We’ll discuss the importance of cervical spine anatomy and the Atlas and Axis—two unique and important bones in the body that help you rotate your head. The cervical spine consists […]

Back to School Tips and How to Limit Screen Time

We live in an age where technology consumes our lives in the form of screen time. If you’re like many people, you probably check your smartphone every night before bed, […]

Easy Pool Exercises for Back Pain and Resistance Training

There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice swim during the summer. If you’re ready to dive back into health, we’ve compiled a few easy pool exercises and stretches to reduce […]