Easy Pool Exercises for Back Pain and Resistance Training

There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice swim during the summer. If you’re ready to dive back into health, we’ve compiled a few easy pool exercises and stretches to reduce back pain. As always, we recommend coming into our office to get a consultation and a better look at your chiropractic needs.

Reducing Lower Back Pain

Stretching and doing stroke exercises underwater can greatly reduce lower back pain and help you get back into shape. Additionally, just floating on water for a few minutes can provide many benefits and help reduce stress. For many, swimming is a great aerobic and strength conditioning exercise that’s gentle on the back and the spine. According to Spine Health, being surrounded by a body of water helps reduce stress on your spine and joints.

The Benefits of Spending Time in the Water

There are many benefits to spending more time in the pool. For instance, the buoyancy of the water helps promote lymph drainage and muscle relaxation. It not only supports lymphatic movement but increases your heart rate in the water. When you move in the water, the pressure of the water is similar to a lymphatic massage, as this article by Lymph Essential states. Water exercises in the pool are great for individuals with compromised lymphatic systems, according to the article.

Here are a few great exercises that you can do underwater to relieve back pain and other injuries:

5 Easy Pool Exercises

Resistance Training: This type of strength training allows you to build muscle and work harder as you move underwater with high resistance. The goal of resistance training is to ultimately build strength and have sustained energy throughout the day. For best results, try to book at least two to five swim sessions every week along with an accountability buddy. For resistance training, you can also use tools and aquatic equipment to support your underwater training. You can choose anything from high-intensity dumbbell sets or a water exercise buoyancy belt, which is great for helping people rehabilitate from injuries or prep for cross-training and resistance training.

Underwater Walking: There are many health benefits associated with walking underwater. This includes enhanced energy, increased heart rate, and gentleness on the joints. According to Healthline, underwater walking can be a great, “low-impact cardio exercise.” It’s especially beneficial for individuals who have health conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis because it puts less stress and pressure on the body, reports Healthline. Exercising underwater doesn’t put much pressure on your back, as opposed to certain exercises that we do on the ground, for example.

Backstrokes: As an option, backstrokes are safe exercises for those with chronic or persistent back pain. Since you’re floating and using the strength of your muscles, this swimming workout can help keep your spine protected and support your back.

No Gravity Pool Training: Consider adding an inflatable pool lounger to your exercise and resistance training routine. This exercise allows you to lay flat on your back to alleviate any back pain or tension in the body.

Decompression: Swimming pool decompression is great for those who have chronic back pain. It’s great because of the buoyancy of the water and its ability to reduce pressure on your body and allow for better movement. You can also benefit from warm water to soothe the joints and muscles.

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